Group Insurance

If you are an employer that is looking to partner with a company that can offer your employees high quality insurance plans at affordable rates, you have come to the right place. BlueCross is widely recognized as a leader in the insurance industry and we can help you customize an insurance plan that will fit your needs no matter what the size of your business. All plans meet the Affordable Care Act guidelines. Our plans can help you attract new employees and retain existing employees.

Small Businesses

With a business that has less than 50 employees, it is more important than ever to make sure that your key people are healthy enough to work and add value to your operation. We offer several health insurance options, including several PPO plans, an HSA plan and a POS plan so that you and your employees can select the perfect plan. We also offer a stand-alone dental insurance option.

Additionally, we offer an exclusive Hi-Low Flex plan that allows employees to choose a base plan or a buy-up plan so that they can find just the right amount of coverage for their needs and budget. When this is selected, your fixed contribution cost stays the same no matter what your employees select.

Medium Sized Businesses

If your company has between 51 and 99 employees, we offer quite a few health care options to select from. We also offer dental, term life, disability, and a Healthy Outcomes Wellness Program that can earn you a credit towards your next medical renewal.

The Healthy Outcomes Wellness Program can go a long way towards improving your employees’ health, helping them to manage disabilities, and helping high-risk employees to avoid medical complications. We hope to be your long-term health solution, so we offer more discount options and allow your employees to add HRA options to any of the plans at no additional cost.

Large Sized Businesses

When you run a large operation with more than 100 employees, you need more options and affordable rates. You can select self-funded or fully insured coverage through BlueCross. We offer many different health care plans, term life, disability, dental, and voluntary options with the opportunity to save five percent on rates with the package Pricing Program. We also offer Healthy Outcomes Wellness Programs that are personalized to keep each of your employees healthy and productive.

Retiree Coverage

As your employees transition into retirement, we can help you continue to meet their needs. We offer three types of high quality retiree coverage that can help your retired employees pay for prescriptions, maintain wellness, and get the assistance that they need when the time comes. We make it easy for you to show your employees how much you care, from the time that you hire them all the way through retirement.


There’s no need to struggle through the health insurance marketplace alone. Our agents can help you get coverage in three easy steps and our help is always free.

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