Dental Plans

Poor dental health can lead to medical issues, can detract from your personal appearance, and can affect your confidence. Dental Blue for Individuals and Dental Blue for Seniors can help you to stay on top of your dental health by making dental care more affordable. We offer high quality plans that allow you to select any licensed dentist in North Carolina, so care is convenient and customized to your preferred provider.

Dental Blue® for IndividualsSM

When you enroll in Dental Blue® for IndividualsSM, there is no waiting period for dental check-ups and cleanings. This means that you can get started right away, finding a dentist that you trust and having your smile optimized. There is no deductible for preventative care, so you can get your teeth cleaned twice per year without any out-of-pocket expenses. Even if you are out of town, we have a broad network of dental care providers that you can visit so that you are always in charge of your dental health.

Basic and Major Dental Services

When you require more dental care than what is provided in a regular check-up or cleaning, Dental Blue can help you mitigate your costs substantially. Whether you require basic services such as fillings or extractions or more major services such as bridges or crowns, Dental Blue will cover a portion of your costs so that you can get back to feeling and looking well. By paying a convenient fixed monthly premium, you may be able to save yourself hundreds or even thousands while preserving your dental health.

Enrolling in Dental Blue Plans

You can enroll in Dental Blue for Individuals or Dental Blue for Seniors at or mail an application to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina PO Box 30016 • Durham, NC 27702. You can also contact a representative at 1-800-324-4973 to learn more about plan offerings. One your application has been reviewed and approved, coverage typically begins between 7 and 14 days later.


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